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Year 2

We would like to welcome you to Year 2. The whole team are committed to making sure that every day is fun for the children so that we can instil in them a life long love of learning. We promise to help every child to achieve to the best of their potential and become active members of the school and community at large.

We know how important education is to this community and what a vast difference it can make to the lives of your most cherished possessions, your children. We look forward to helping your children be happy, confident and friendly young people.


In Year 2 we aim to continue to provide children with the opportunity to learn and be challenged through play based activities as well as learn what is expected in the National Curriculum. Our class moto is 'We will work as a TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More' and we will work together to make this happen!

The Year 2 Team - Miss Asia, Mrs Shah, Miss Della and Mrs Asghar




Spring 1 


o-ho-ho" Get ready to take to the high seas and set sail in search of treasure!

This half term, we’ll find out about boats and ships of all shapes and sizes. We’ll read information books, investigate amazing sea rescues and write postcards and poetry influenced by the sea. Our science skills will help us to understand how boats float and we’ll design and make model ships using a variety of materials. We’ll study paintings of boats and draw detailed pictures of our own. Our map reading skills will help us to identify different seas and oceans, and we’ll learn about famous sea explorers such as James Cook. Stories of pirates will inspire us to make pirate flags, treasure maps and fact files. We’ll even find out how to talk and sing like a pirate!

Here are some ideas to help your child prepare for their project.

Why not research famous pirates and ships. Search the web or non-fiction books to find out about a famous boat or ship. Make an information book by writing down interesting facts, downloading images or making drawings.

Visit your local library to read and borrow story and information books about the sea.

Make a pirate puppet at home and write about all of his adventures in his pirate diary

Make a pirate treasure chest using a lidded box and other recycled materials. What will you keep in your treasure chest? Bring it to school to show your class and explain how you made it.

Find and learn some pirate jokes. Practise reading
them at home to perform in school and make your
pirate friends laugh! Aye, that be funny!

                                                                                        Autumn 2 


Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

Buckle up and let's start our journey back to where it all started!!

This half term our main focus will be on History and DT.


In History, the children will step back in time and learn about the first Castles built in England and compare them to the latest castles. This includes learning about the different parts that make up a castle and understanding the different job roles that were allocated to each member.


The children will also apply their knowledge of time lines to complete a time line for Castles in England as well as learn about the battle of Hastings and the Norman invasion.


In DT, we are learning about planning, designing and then evaluating our work. We are going to look at different structures of bridges and towers around the world and study their designs and challenge the children to work in teams to build their very own tower.

They will discuss what materials they will need to make their towers ( science link) as well as explain to each other how they will make their structure stable.


In English, we will continue to look at different quality texts that will support our topic and ensure that there is a  cross curricular link. 

We will explore different genres including recounts and non-fiction writing and continue to use our non-negotiables in our writing. 




Autumn 1 Topic 

 Let's Explore the World 

Our topic this half term is Let's Explore the World. It is a topic linked closely to our Year 2 Geography Curriculum. Children will learn to use an atlas to locate and  find out about the world's continents and oceans. They will locate the equator, the Northern and Southern Hemispheres and the North and South Poles. Children will learn that hot places are closer to the equator and cold areas are further away. They child will know the term temperate and identify areas of the world with a temperate climate. 
Children will compare England to Somalia in Africa to find similarities and differences. Through this comparison, they will communicate with children from a school in Somalia as part of Computing through sending emails and video conferencing. They will learn to understand similarities and differences through appearance, lifestyle and religion. This will be part of our RE this half term, where children will explore different religions with a focus on Islam. In Art children will further develop skills through exploring African Art and making their own Kente cloth which will be displayed in their classroom. 


Information about your year group

  • The children will be doing PE every Tuesday and Friday. Please ensure your child comes to school wearing a PE kit and that all items are clearly labelled.

  •  Our Rosehill PE kit is a plain white t-shirt, black tracksuit bottoms or shorts and sensible sports footwear (trainers or pumps). We encourage children to wear the correct PE kit.

  • Please send in a water bottle to school and make sure your child’s name is written clearly on their water bottle.
    The children have access to their water bottle throughout the school day. This helps keep them hydrated and supports learning and concentration levels.

  • Please ensure that children bring their reading books and homework folders from Tuesday as they will be changed weekly. 

  • Please check your Class Dojo regularly as we will be posting important reminders, key information about events and using Class Dojo as a portal for day to day communication 




At Rosehill, we use Class Dojo to communicate with parents and carers through regular updates on the class story page and parents have the opportunity to message class teachers. If you have not been set up with Class Dojo already, please ask at the office for further  information on how to access Class Dojo.

Key Dates for the Diary 


Thursday 28th September - Year Parents Meeting in the School Hall


Here are some website links to some of the stories we are sharing this half term.

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