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Design and Technology is not just about ideas, it's about making ideas happen!


Children THINK,

Children DESIGN,

Children CREATE,

Children STRUGGLE,


Children TRY,

Children SOLVE,

Children INVENT,

Children REFLECT

Children LEARN!


Welcome to the Design and Technology page.  Below, you will find links to all the information on Design and Technology you need to see what our children are learning at school. You might find the Design and Technology Curriculum Coverage and Progression and Skills document particularly useful for supporting your child's learning at home.


At Rosehill Infant School, we believe that our Design and Technology curriculum will give our children a strong foundation of key skills and knowledge in DT. This will enable them to develop the confidence and creativity to become the designers of products in our technological world. Through our broad and balanced curriculum, our children are given the opportunities to explore, discover and develop their skills through practical, hands-on experience, where they evaluate and improve models, products and designs.

Our children are the future and we believe that our carefully planned curriculum will help to inspire the future designers and innovators.

Designing and building towers using spaghetti and marshmallows. Children worked together to identify ways in which they could make their towers stronger and sturdier.

Design and Technology At Home/ Useful Websites 


Information about Design Technology:


Have a look at these for ideas to try at home: - KS1 Bitesize DT - KS2 Bitesize DT - They have an idea library that shows models that could be made - Lots of Food Technology information - Some good ideas‚Äč - Links to Lego building