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English is taught as a discrete lesson on a daily basis, lessons follow the National Curriculum for English combined with quality   engaging texts enhanced by our Cornerstones scheme for topic delivery. Wherever possible, cross-curricular links are made with English through thematic plans.


Children are taught in mixed ability and streamed groups for English and in streamed groups for phonics and spelling.


We teach children to understand a range of genres, building on children’s understanding year after year, ensuring continuity and progression in the teaching of English. We use two main types of writing across Key Stage 1: writing to entertain and to inform.


The curriculum has been devised by senior leaders to ensure pupils are exposed to a wide range of genre, stories and poetry during their time at Rosehill. The daily lessons also include explicit teaching of grammar and punctuation and may also include drama and performing.


Whilst handwriting and spelling are taught explicitly, in additional lessons pupils are expected to have neat handwriting and correct spelling in in their daily English lessons. Children are encouraged to use adventurous vocabulary in their work which they learn during their reading. Key vocabulary is taught using '3 Tiered Talk Triangles' which intentionally act to develop the children's understanding of language and their ability and confidence to use it.  - basic language, text related language and technical/adventurous language. 


Each half term children complete an unaided writing assessment where they are given the opportunity to show off all the skills they have learnt during the term.


At Rosehill Infant School we do not label our children. We have high expectations of all children and strongly believe that all children are equally able. Some may take longer to grasp concepts and may need careful scaffolding or extra time/support (guided groups, same day catch-up, additional homework, pre-teaching, post teaching, intervention group, specific parental support).