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History in the EYFS and KS1

Delivery of the curriculum:



Nursery: Mrs Rouse says “History in nursery is children demonstrating an understanding of the passive of time, such as following a routine and beginning to say ‘yesterday’ or ‘before I...’”


Reception: Miss Morley and Mrs Sangha say “History in reception is linking history to our own experiences of what has happened in the past in our own, as well as others, lives. We observe through different context changes over time and things from the past. We explore this in a cross curricular way and link this to our current learning.”


Year One: Mrs Hardy, Mrs Wheeler and Miss Barber say “History in year one is explorative of personal history with consistent use of language. It involves making comparisons between the old and new, teaching how things have changed and why. Year one history is a journey that moves from the personal to the history of important people from the past and the history of the world and local area.”


Year Two: Mrs Shah and Miss Asia say “History in year two is broad and balanced, inclusive, engaging and enriched to link the past with the present. This is achieved by bringing key famous people to life and explaining past invents and how they affect today.”