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The Curriculum must include Religious Education. Our school is non-denominational and our R.E. is based upon Derby City’s ‘All Our Worlds’, a copy of which is available in school. There is a collective act of worship each day, which may take the form of a whole school assembly, small assemblies or class gathering and is broadly Christian. Parents who wish to withdraw their child from worship or R.E. lessons are asked to contact the Head teacher.


The children are encouraged to talk about and compare different religions and to identify similarities between religions of the world.

By the end of Year 2, pupils are expected to:

  • Recall and name different beliefs and practices, including festivals, forms of worship, rituals and ways of life, in order to find out about the meanings behind them.
  • Retell and explore the meanings of some religious and moral stories, explore and discuss sacred writings and sources of wisdom, and recognise the traditions behind them.
  • Recognise some of the symbols and actions that express a religious community’s way of life, looking at similarities between them.
  • Ask and respond to questions about what individuals and communities do, and why, so they can identify what it means to be a part of a community.
  • Observe and recount different ways of expressing identity and belonging.
  • Notice and respond to some of the similarities between different religions and worldviews.
  • Explore questions about belonging, meaning and truth so that they can express their own opinions and ideas in response, using words, music, art or poetry.
  • Find out about and respond to examples of cooperation between people who are different.
  • Find out about questions of right and wrong and begin to develop and express their own opinions.