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 Key to the implementation of our subject development plan is a consistent approach to the teaching of geography.

 We have solid foundations upon which to build in the form of short, medium and long term planning and evidence of successful  teaching of geography across the school. 

 In order to ensure the progression of skills as pupils move through the school, we will use the Progression of Skills document which   clearly breaks down the intended outcomes for each half term focussing on the main National Curriculum objectives (see supporting   documents.)

The latter provides teachers with a more detailed breakdown of skills for each year group. This will evidently ensure that books,   displays and pupil interviews (through planned observations and "class drop ins") demonstrate that skills are being developed and   embedded as children move from the Foundation Stage to Year 2. 

 We will use learning walks as an opportunity to ensure consistency in the quality of teaching and identify strengths within the school.   This will provide opportunities for professional development and peer to peer support where teachers can observe each other, team-   teach and share good practice. 

 Central to the teaching of geography is the enhancement of the curriculum through trips and visits. We will plan visits, visitors and   activities within the community  to provide first-hand experiences for the children to support and develop their learning. These   opportunities provide a contextual understanding of geography - both within the immediate vicinity of the school and around  the local area Normanton as well as Derby.  Staff will be made aware of opportunities which match their curriculum objectives and which give pupils the chance to explore their local area. 

  The promotion of a language-rich geography curriculum is essential to the successful acquisition of knowledge and understanding in   geography. The promotion and use of an accurate and rich geographical vocabulary throughout the school is planned for each topic,   with working wall vocabulary displays using the Topic Tier Triangles.          

 Another key strand of geography is its potential for enhancing key cross-curricular skills. In line with our school’s focus on oracy   through our Kagan approach to learning and talk partners, there will be a focus in geography on discussion, presentation and simple   but effective class discussions.

 Pupils will be encouraged to use full sentences when answering questions and giving opinions. This means that pupils will become   more confident and able to speak on a range of topics.


We aspire for our pupils to feel engaged with the world around them and be able to articulate their thoughts and opinions freely while using an increasingly developed vocabulary.