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Who's Who

Mrs Kelk is the Headteacher

Miss Asia is the Deputy Headteacher 

Miss Hopwell is the School Business Manager


School Admin Team - Miss Akhtar and Mrs Thompson (Attendance and Assessment).

Nursery - Mrs Hodgkinson (senco), Miss Higgins, Miss Raheela, and Mrs Lacey.
Reception - Mrs Sangha, Mrs Rouse, Miss Stanyard, Miss Edmonds and Mrs I Rafique.
Year 1 - Miss Asia, Miss Barber, Mrs Mehmood, Miss Della, Mrs Bibi, and Mrs Nasreen.
Year 2 -  Mrs Wheeler, Mrs Hardy, Mrs Shah, Mrs Price, and Miss Kirby.


Inclusion Team - Mrs Moon, Mrs Tennant, Mrs Carran and Mrs I Rafique.


Mrs Kay and Mr Ball often work as supply.


Mr Balchin is our caretaker.