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Attendance and Punctuality

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At Rosehill Infants and Nursery, we are committed to ensuring that each of our children gets the best possible start to life. One way that we can do this is through ensuring regular school attendance.


For our children to achieve their full potential, regular school attendance is vital. We encourage parents and children to understand that ‘School Attendance Matters'.


We want all of our children to have excellent attendance and arrive in school on time. As a school we strive to achieve a goal of at least 96% attendance.


Our school runs a number of initiatives to support our ethos of 'School Attendance Matters':

  • Every Friday our Class Attendance Trophy is awarded to the class with the best attendance that week.

  • For the 2018/19 Academic year we are running an Attendance HERO (Here, Everyday, Ready and On Time) program with prizes and awards throughout the year.

  • Each half term all children with attendance over 96% receive an attendance certificate.

  • Each term children with attendance over 98% will receive special recognition of this achievement. 

Persistent absence and lateness can have a detrimental affect on your child's progress and attainment.  As you can see from the table below, once a child's attendance drops to a certain level they will find it harder to catch up with their friends. 


At Rosehill Infants and Nursery School we ask that all parents/guardians contact the school (telephone 229229) to report their child's absence.  If parents/guardians have not made contact with the school our School Attendance Officer will contact them to establish the reason for absence. 


Our school works very closed with the Education Welfare Officer, located at Derby City Council, and they may decide to take further action with families of children with persistent absence.  This may include the issue of fines and/or court proceedings.


If your child’s attendance is …….

They will miss this many days of school in a year

Which means ...


0 days

Good Progress!

Your child has a flying start and the best chance of success!


9.5 days


19 days

Worrying Progress!!

Your child will find it harder to make progress and may fall behind.


28.5 days


38 days


Your child will find it hard to catch up and the gap between them and their friends will widen!


47.5 days