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School Council

Our new school council will be nominated in September 2018.  


Here are some of their council responsibilities:

 * To be good listeners

 * To write down ideas from their friends about how well our school is doing and how we can make it better. They can bring ideas to the school council meetings.

 * To look for children wearing the Rosehill uniform smartly - they can give out stickers to  super smart children.

 * To meet and greet visitors and tell them about Rosehill

 * To help with setting up charity events in school


Remember - the school council are here to help!!

School Council Topics

Do you have any suggestions of topics or issues you would like the school council to discuss? We would love to hear your suggestions!




Older News








Our school council have been nominated and have taken part in their first assembly. They helped explain about the golden table on Fridays. They were able to be the first guests at it and have come up with some fabulous ideas to make it a special table.


A big thank you to them for their help this year!



Our School Council 2015-16

Our School Council 2015-16 1
Our School Council 2015-16 2
Our School Council 2015-16 3
Our School Council 2015-16 4
Our School Council 2015-16 5
Our School Council 2015-16 6
Our School Council 2015-16 7
Our School Council 2015-16 8
Our School Council 2015-16 9
Our School Council 2015-16 10
Our School Council 2015-16 11


This week the School Council will be carrying out a very important job!


They are going to be asking their class about school dinners. We want to find out what foods they like on the menu and also what would they like to change? When we have done our research we are going to ask Miss Julie what she thinks too!


We want to find out what the children think should be allowed in a packed lunch (hopefully not lots of chocolate!)


We want to find out how the children think we can make lunchtimes better too.




Sun Smart



This week we met to talk about keeping safe in the sun. The school council will be reminding their friends to bring water to school everyday and  of the 5'S we heard about in assembly. To encourage everyone to be safe in the sun the school council are helping me to run a competition.

All children will be given the opportunity to draw a picture of themselves being a sun safe superstar!

Next week we will pick a winner from each class and give out prizes.

The winners pictures will be put on this page for you to see!



To read the story of George see the link below





Sun Smart George

smiley Pupil Voice smiley


Our children are the most important people in our amazing school! So it is essential their views are heard.

 This is also a fundamental role to the development of the school as  we promote and encourage emotional intelligence in our pupils in order to help them become stable, respectful and well-adjusted citizens. We encourage pupils to share their views in a mature way and support them through the School Council and Playground PALS and Buddies to put their point across in order to affect change in a positive manner. We will complete a pupil questionnaire with all of our pupils twice a year. This helps us find out what is going well and what needs to be worked on.

It is important to us that we know what is going on at Rosehill rather than just thinking that we know. We will carry out a pupil questionnaire in January 2016 and will post the results here.




School Council

Here at Rosehill Infant & Nursery School we believe that every child should have a say about the things we do and the way we do them.

We will hold meetings every term and every child on the school council from Reception upwards will attend.

 During the meetings we will talk about matters that are important to the children and the teachers. After the meeting the representatives will then feedback anything discussed to  their class and also tell them about other issues to be discussed at the next meeting.

See photos above



Pupil Questionnaire

All children in school will have the opportunity to complete our questionnaire. Once we have collected them in we will then put the results of the children's responses on here. We will be report on our strengths... and our areas for development!  



Thank you to all of the children who gave us their views on school life - please see the responses below. Overall the children are very happy with school, however we can do better. Our school council  now have another important job to do! They will be asking their peers how we can get a 100% in all areas!!

Keep watching this space - our school council will be bringing us some ideas on how to make us even better!!!