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Year 2 - Mrs Hardy and Mrs Wheeler

Welcome to

Year 2 

Welcome to our class pages, and welcome to Year 2!


We have a very busy year ahead full of great learning and fun to be had by all!

Please look at our curriculum news to find out what your child will be learning this half term and how you can help at home.



 Year 2 is all about developing independent learning, perseverance, resilience and challenge. We encourage creativity and enjoyment to enrich all our experiences.  We want you to share our journey over the year so we will be adding photographs of the children's learning opportunities for you to enjoy.  We will also add website links to support your children in their learning. We're looking forward to seeing each and every child achieve their full potential so join us for our engaging and exciting year of learning!

Mrs Hardy, Mrs Shah and Mrs Wheeler



Important information for Year 2:

  • PE days are Monday and Wednesday, please ensure your child has their PE kit in school.  Also no jewellery please.

  • All clothing needs name labels.                                                                              

  • Reading books are changed once a week, please listen to your child read regularly.                                                                                                                                                               

  • Children are given weekly homework that relates to their school work. It may be Maths, English or topic related including spellings.

  • Homework is handed out Fridays and returned by the following Thursday.Image result for homework


Resources for pupils and parents during school closure


We will update our resources regularly


Please see some ideas below

Home learning ideas to support our learning 'Street Detectives'

Home learning - science experiment 'Growing bulbs'

Home learning ideas to support our topic 'Wiggle and Crawl'

These sites are offering free resources to parents and teachers in the event of school closure:


Twinkl - offering a free premium service for educators, parents and children. Enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS to access PowerPoints and interactive games


Classroom Secrets - free access to child version of the site


White Rose Maths - maths resources


Master the Curriculum


Mrs Mactivity


English and Maths Information - please read

It would be great if you could encourage your child to practice these key non-negotiables. If you would like advice on how help your child achiee in numeracy please speak to a member of the Year 2 team on the playground each morning!

Year 2 – English Non Negotiables

Expectations for pupils by the end of Year 2

  • Write different kinds of sentence: statement, question, exclamation, command.
  • Use expanded noun phrases to add description & specification (use adjectives and similes to describe a person or object).
  • Write using subordination (when, if, that, because).
  • Correct & consistent use of present tense & past tense.
  • Correct use of verb tenses..
  • Correct & consistent use of: 

     Capital letters.

     Full stops.

     Question marks.

     Exclamation marks.

     Commas in a list.

     Apostrophe (omission)

     Introduction of speech marks.

  • Write under headings.

Year 2 – Maths Non Negotiables

Expectations for pupils by the end of Year 2

  • Compare and order numbers up to 100 and use <, > and =
  • Read and write all numbers to 100 in digits and words
  • Say 10 more/less than any number to 100
  • Count in steps of 2, 3 & 5 from zero and in 10s from any number (forwards and backwards)
  • Recall and use multiplication & division facts for 2, 5 & 10 tables
  • Recall and use +/- facts to 20
  • Derive and use related facts to 100
  • Recognise place value of any 2 digit number
  • Add and subtract: 2 digit numbers and ones

2 digit numbers and tens

Two 2 digit numbers

Three 1 digit numbers

  • Recognise and use inverse (+/-)
  • Calculate and write multiplication and division calculations using multiplication tables
  • Recognise, find, name and write 1/3, ¼, 2/4, ¾
  • Write and recognise equivalence of simple fractions
  • Tell the time to 5 minutes including quarter past and quarter to

What will we be learning this year? Please read our yearly overview below

Spring 2 - Our learning challenge this half term is:


"What's going on here?"


We will be 'Street Detectives', looking at our local area and how it has changed over time.

Curriculum news Spring 2020 - Street Detectives

Look at these photographs. Are they from the past or present day? Where were they taken? How do you know?

Look at this map. It is an aerial view of our local area. Can you see our school? Is your house on the map?

Spring 1 - Our learning challenge for this half term is:


"Is it a pirate's life for me?"


Ahoy me hearties! We will be learning all about pirates, explorers and the seven seas!


We will be reading a range of texts based on oceans, seas and exploring.

Find the treasure! We will be looking at maps of the world, the UK and making our own maps.

Cornerstones Curriculum news for parents

A big Rosehill welcome to Miss Hadley and Miss Gaskin, final year BEd students, who will be working with us in Year 2 for 8 weeks.

Miss Hadley with learners in our Science lesson

The Book Bus visited us at school. Here are some of our class buying books with their parents

Our fantastic visit to Tamworth Castle 17.12.19

Our learning challenge for this half term is...


"When is mud good?"



We will be exploring all types of muck, mess and mixtures using our senses. We will be creating unique pieces of artwork and exploring different materials and mixtures in Science.

Our curriculum news for Autumn term 1

We have been getting messy! We have had lots of fun exploring mixtures and materials in Science and Art this week

******SATs Information******

Questions to help with reading

Important information - end of Key Stage Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation test

This year, Year 2 pupils will undertake a test in spelling, grammar and punctuation as well as the normal statutory tests in Reading and Maths. We will be focussing on these elements of written English in class and giving children weekly spellings lists to learn at home.


Please click on the link to see an example of test questions.