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Year 1 - Miss Barber

Welcome to Miss Barber's Year 1 Class!


Welcome to Year 1!

We have a very busy year half term ahead, please look at our curriculum news to find out what your child will be learning this half term and how you can help at home.





Hello and welcome to our class page.

Here you can find out a bit more about our current learning. In year one we love to encourage independent learning through enjoyment, creativity and challenge. We will be adding photographs of the children's learning opportunities as we go on through the year. You will also find website links to support your children in their learning. We're looking forward to seeing the children achieve their full potential. Here's to an exciting term of learning in our class!


Miss Barber, Mrs Price & Miss Della

Just a quick reminder of important information for Year 1:

  • PE days are Tuesday and Friday, please ensure your child has their PE kit in school on these days. Also no jewellery please.
  • All clothing needs name labels.
  • Children do not need to bring in pencils, pens or toys from home.
  • Children are given weekly homework that relates to their school work. It may be Maths, English or topic related including spellings. Homework is handed out Fridays and returned by the following Thursday.
  • Reading books are changed once a week, please listen to your child read regularly.

What has been happening in our class?

After an amazing first term together, we are looking forward to continuing our year 1 journey. The children have had a smooth transition into the classroom in the autumn term and we aim to continue this process gently and effectively into the spring term. We will be starting our new topics straight away and we will be taking part English, Phonics and Maths lessons in the morning and an array of exciting, interesting and creative topic lessons in the afternoon.


What are we doing this half term?


This half term our topics is - Moon Zoom


For more information, please see our curriculum newsletter.



Here's what you can do to help your child this half term: 


English -  Share reading books at home. Encourage children to explain their understanding of what he/she reads. Can they answer questions such as 'why do you think that happened?' 'How do you know this character feels ...?' 'What can the character do to solve the problem?' 

These kind of open ended questions will push children children to really think about what they read.

To support with writing, help children to form their letters correctly and sound out their words carefully as they write them. Give your child a challenge by asking them to write a short sentence, don't forget the capital letters and full stops!

Can they read what they write and check to make improvements and corrections? Have they used the corrects sounds in the words they write? Can children retain a sentence in their head, remember it and write it from memory?

Practising the weekly spellings is also a great help!


Maths  - Support children to orally count from 1 to 20 both forwards and backwards and counting in 2s. 5s and 10s. Ask your children some questions on one more and one less of numbers up to 20. Practising number formation at home is also fabulous for helping children to remember which way round they write their numbers. This half term we will be moving on to numbers past 10, any practice of this at home with support from an adult is a brilliant help and will give children a fabulous start.


Phonics - This half term in our morning phonic sessions we will move from phase 4 to phase 5. As always, reading at home is always greatly encouraged and practising spellings that are sent home helps to solidify the phonics learning we have been doing in class that week.


Topic - Our topic this half term is all about space, we are planning some exciting trips out and visitors into school to ensure our topic is fun and exciting! Our science topic will be all about different materials and their properties. We will also be focussing heavily on history this half term, learning all about the past and how things such as technology, toys, transport and clothes have changed throughout time, we will be using timelines too.

Useful websites


Here is a list of some useful websites that can be used to support and extend children's learning at home, on top of school set homework.