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Year 1 - Miss Asia

Welcome to Miss Asia's Year 1 Class

We would like to welcome you to Year 1. The whole team are committed to making sure that every day is fun for the children so that we can instil in them a life long love of learning. We promise to help every child to achieve to the best of their potential and become active members of the school and community at large.

We know how important education is to this community and what a vast difference it can make to the lives of your most cherished possessions, your children. We look forward to helping your children be happy, confident and friendly young people.


In Year 1 we aim to continue to provide children with the opportunity to learn and be challenged through play based activities as well as learn what is expected in the National Curriculum. Our class moto is 'We will work as a TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More' and we will work together to make this happen!

The Year 1 Team. 

Miss Asia and Mrs Mehmood


Into the last term of the Year we go. The year has flown by and we have only a few weeks till the children go into Year 2!

We have a lovely four weeks this half term, where children will be learning about The Tale of Peter Rabbit and learning about plants in Science. 

Phonics will be focussing on getting the children ready for the phonics screening check and hopefully we are aiming for fantastic results as the children are trying extremely hard to learn their sounds!

We have a trip organised to go to Sudbury Hall Childhood Museum, children will learn all about what life was like as a child long ago compared to their life now. They will explore old toys and find out about how old toys were made. Back at school, they will make an old toy as part of our Design and Technology curriculum.


We are looking forward to this last term at school and we have some amazing and exciting activities planned for our fantastic Year 1 children. 








Dates for your diary 

Tuesday 7th May - Year 1 trip to Sudbury Hall

Friday 24th May - last day of term

Monday 3rd June - First day back after half term

Important Information


  • PE Days are every Tuesday and Thursday. Please make sure children bring their PE kit to school and that all items of clothing are clearly labelled with your child's name.


  • Children may bring their own water bottle to school in Year 1.


  • Reading books will regularly be changed and homework will be given every week. Please support your child with reading and homework  at home so that together we can make a difference.

Here's what you can do to help your child this half term: 


English - continue sharing reading books at home. Encourage children to explain their understanding of what he/she reads. Can they answer questions such as 'why do you think that happened?' 'How do you know this character feels ...?' 'What can the character do to solve the problem?' 

These kind of open ended questions will push children children to really think about what they read.

To support with writing, help children to compose think of sentences and hold their sentences in their heads before writing. Can they write sentences using adjectives to make them sound interesting? Can they extend their sentence by using 'and'? Can they read what they write and check to make improvements and corrections? Have they used the corrects sounds in the words they write? 


Maths  - Support children to orally count in 2s to 50/100 and counting on and back from different numbers to 50. 

Children will be learning number and place value to 20 and odd and even numbers. Sorting odd and even numbers is a great activity that children will enjoy and it links nicely to counting in 2s. Children will be introduced to multiplication and division through practical and pictorial methods of learning, being able to count in 2s, 5s and 10s would be beneficial for the children.  

When completing given maths homework, ask children  if they can talk about their maths? Can they explain how to find the answer to a number sentence? These kind of questions will encourage children to explain their understanding and develop their mathematical knowledge at a greater depth. 


Science  - Children will be learning about materials. They will learn to name and recognise different materials such as metal, wood, plastic, glass, paper and rock . Finding objects made out of different materials at home and discussing their properties would support the children's learning.



What a brave group of children! Children and parents loved the animal man!

Our budding stars for Christmas Cock-a-doodle-doo

Science was interesting, children explored their senses!

When Bog Baby was poorly, we called a pharmacist into school to help him! Children wrote lots of brilliant questions to ask him.

Phonics Meeting Presentation

How to say the 'pure' sounds video

Still image for this video